About me

I am an experienced manager with advanced experience in sales and customer service, especially in the area of finance, energetics and telecommunication. My good business sense allows me to understand the business needs and the customer requirements. I am a manager, who uses strategic thinking, effective communication, motivation of groups and individuals in my practice. I am a person who uses both practical experience and also theoretical knowledge charged during my systematic study.

I can engage my energetic personality with passion in every project, and I won´t stop until I reach a destined goal.

During my practice, I have gained managerial experience in the area of customer care. I have experience in sales and customer service via telephone contact – inbound / outbound and also via direct contact – customer service centers (customer service). I have also experience with recruitment and training of new employees, their adaptation, career maps, motivation of the subordinates, ensuring compliance of the company´s KPI and continuous improvement and innovation which leads to the efficient using of all capacities in order to maximize the best results and improving the customer satisfaction. I have led teams of up to 80 employees. I have also experience with project teams where I had opportunity to work.

In previous years, I used my experience in projects of opening and start-up of new sales call centers, where I worked as CEO.

Languages: I´m able to communicate in Czech, English and Polish.